The Night of Candles

It is quite possible that Kyrzenwold and Haldanghast have some sort of common cultural ancestor. Many of the holidays celebrated in Kyrzenwold echo the festivals observed in Haldanghast. Chief among these is Candlewatch, the Night of Candles. Though the relationship between candles and the Kerzenlicht is obvious, Candlewatch most closely resembles Kyrzenwold’s “Long Night.” Moreover, much like in Kyrzenwold, the celebrations are a blend of cultural observances and religious ones. Both secular and religious individuals participate in Candlewatch.

On the Candlewatch, Haldanghasters come together as a community in observance of the trials different groups have faced. Candlewatch is considered the New Year of Haldanghast: it marks that, as the nights remain dark but start to grow shorter, so should the community remain steadfast.

Candlewatch is, above all, a celebration of life and resilience. Though there is a serious undercurrent to the darkness of the night, and candles are lit in abundance to chase away dangerous shadows and to commemorate survival in the face of loss, Haldanghasters focus on the joy of life and togetherness.

Celebration and merriment accompany respectful attention to the losses experienced in life. The greatest of these is an evening feast, shared usually in Geistwalk Mess Halls, to celebrate found family. These feasts generally feature the “comfort food” of Haldanghast winter meals, most especially game meat stews, fresh bread, and rich desserts. Punches and heady brews flow freely– particularly if Korred or Merhausen attend the festivities.

It is not unusual for Haldanghasters to bring small tokens and gifts to share with others. Sometimes these tokens are parcels of money, small luxuries, or fine foods. Sometimes they are simply handwritten notes expressing appreciation. It is customary, as many in Haldanghast are poor, to offer only a few presents: one to someone you do not know well, but wish to know better, and one to someone you know better than others.

Geistwalkers tend to love Candlewatch. During the feast, they are officially “off duty” and receive letters from Haldanghaster children. These letters are often from children whom the Geistwalk have personally helped over the course of the year.

Candlewatch is one of the many celebrations shared by both the Cults and the Deathwalk Church: it is common for the youngest members of both orders to be invited to speak on their hopes for the coming year. Cultists of Light, in particular, often take it upon themselves to make sure light is available to all who seek it.

Mireway Elves often hold a private ceremony, on the first night of Candlewatch, to light candles for their missing dead. A simple song, in the old Mireway language, is sung by a ranking member of the community as the Elves gather to reflect on their history.

Finally, the Candlewatch is considered a night that is especially important to the tiny creatures that call themselves the Will-o-the-Wisps. On this night, the Will-o-the-Wisps appear in unusual number, often leading people to things strange and unexpected.

-from the notes of Meister Lyriker Elisabeth Benedikt

The Economy


Haldanghast’s economy is relatively dynamic: merchants, makers, and buyers trade good for coin across the continent, and even the most frugal of Geistwalkers appreciates commodity exchange.

Ragrabbit is a bit of an exception: while strategically located, it has been abandoned for so long that the economy has come to something of a standstill. Officials hope the the expected influx of people will bring some fresh minds to freshen up the town’s long dormant markets.


Haldanghast has a distinct coinage divided into various denominations.

CoinExchange RateValue
1 Copper5 copper to 1 nickel1 meal at a standard inn; tour guide services around a city
1 Nickel5c to 1n, 2n to 1 Brass1 night at a standard inn; a fine commodity item or book; standard tip for freelance Bonespeakers and priests
1 Brass10c to 1b, 2n to 1b, 10b to 1 Gold/Silver24 hours of Geistwalk guided navigation; supplies for a small adventuring group; translation of a difficult scroll
1 Silver/Gold100c to 1g/s, 20n to 1g/s, 10b to 1g/s, 1s to 1g1 week of Geistwalk navigation, meals and supplies provided; a large feast for a company
1 Commissary NoteEqual to stated rate; no Silver notesVaried; not accepted in various parts of Haldanghast

On Silver

Silver is somewhat special in Haldanghast. While more common than gold, it has an additional use: silver can be forged into weapons to strike mighty blows at the Undead. For this reason, many Geistwalkers tend to hoard silver pieces rather than spend them.

Silver, due to its use in both the economy and as a weapon, is often in short supply at banks. It is unusual that banks will offer silver coins in exchange for other denominations. Banks often hold “Silver Days” where they offer first come, first serve exchange of coinage for silver coins.

A silver coin, when brought to a forge, can be hammered into a weapon weapon that gives the user two uses of the following: “Grant Melee Attack: 10 Damage and Weakness to Undead by Silver.”

Alternatively, forging twenty pieces of silver at a forge, when assisted by a master smith, can result in the creation of specialized silver weapons.

On the Ragrabbit Bank

The Ragrabbit Bank is a ramshackle establishment doggedly maintained by the United Ossuary. Poorly stocked but well guarded, the Ragrabbit Bank helps denizens of the Ragrabbit Outpost set up accounts, take out loans, and make payments. The Ragrabbit Bank also helps residents maintain and upkeep town locations.

The Bank helps individuals, in particular, draft contracts for town investment ventures.

Town Improvements

In Haldanghast, home is where the well-armed, well-tended hearth is. Particularly in Ragrabbit, maintenance and development of town infrastructure is at the heart of the economy. Residents generally spend their money investing in town resources and private ventures.

Out of Game: Oathbound’s economy is largely cooperative. Throughout the game, you will have the ability to invest in different town fixtures which will “upgrade” the town. Overtime, various institutions, depending on player investment, will offer a variety of boons to certain groups and the entire time. Investing in town spaces is a matter of strategy that should encourage collaborative resource management. Additionally, town spaces– depending on global events, enemy incursions, and other happenings– may become damaged over time.

Open Locations

OoG: The following represent in-game locations into which players will be able to invest. If you see “Open,” it indicates that the locations are available for players to buy into and create their own establishment. Any upgrades will transfer between game locations. Open locations will require a business proposal, down payment and a signed business contract. While people may want to sell IG items, they are also welcome to establish shrines, archives, and other non-commercial institutions. 

The Frisky Snapper: The Frisky Snapper is the central tavern location of Ragrabbit. Run by retired Geistwalker, Cid, it’s the main source of company and gossip in Ragrabbit. It’s currently a shabby reminder of days past. The Snapper is owned by the Brigheksewache and the UO: revenue is dispersed throughout the town institutions.

Upgrades to the Frisky Snapper will result in increased economic activity town and increased revenue for all businesses.

The Geistwalk Mess Hall: Something of a historical location, the Mess Hall is the unofficial headquarters for Geistwalk in Ragrabbit.

Upgrades to the Mess Hall will result in improved training for Geistwalkers.

The Forge: Currently long out of use, the Forge can be used by anyone– sadly, right now it’s currently just a rather unsightly tavern decoration. Rumors are it used to be a silver forge.

Upgrade to the Forge enable all players to forge silver and improved weapons and armor.

Tavern Open Space: This little booth stands empty and awaiting someone to take an interest in it.

Down Payment: 2g, 1s

The Silver Lady Theater Company: Run by Sapphire Silverstern and the wayward Brigmeier son, the Silver Lady is part theater part attempted red light district… given the prudish sensibilities of the UO, it hasn’t been a roaring success.

Improving the Silver Lady will encourage a variety of entertainers to travel to the area– as well as people of eclectic backgrounds.

Rascal’s Rapid Rides and Swamp Tours: Allegedly run by an entrepreneurial ghoul, these tours are cheaper than other options. They’re also said to be somewhat more… adventurous.

Improvements to the Swamp Tours results in higher numbers of Swamp Tours, as well as an increased tourist presence.

The Ragrabbit Ossuary: A humble yet beautiful, the Ragrabbit Ossuary has stood for a century. A popular destination for Deathwalk Pilgrims, it has been lovingly maintained.

Upgrades to the Ossuary result in improved training for Bonespeakers and other Gloaming users.

The Deathwalk Church at Ragrabbit: Run by a rotating group of Deathwalk Church followers, the Church at Ragrabbit is both a small place of worship and a healing hospital.

Improving the Church results in boons for the town, as well as Deathwalk Church followers.

Open Backrooms: Small backroom that held ill-fated breweries and minor Cult meeting rooms, these little spaces await something to get rid of the moldered beer smell.

Down Payment: 5g

Open Shacks: A number of open shacks hold the traces of long shuttered stores. Sad yet standing, they have limited curbside appeal, but much potential.

Down Payment: 8g, 1s

Expect to learn the rest in-game!

Pre-Registration for Oathbound Event 01: September 20-22, 2019

It’s that time! Please pre-register for Madrigal Oathbound below.

Our registration and payment are a little different than Madrigal 3. We will eventually use the Larp Portal database for all of our character needs, but we use Google forms to process registration. Similarly, when it is time to pay, we will have you paypal us directly @ OR pay at the door. We do have a cap for this event, so please pre-register. If we go above our soft cap, we will need to make adjustments with the camp.

Date: September 20-22 2019

Location: Camp Middlesex
1031 Erickson Rd, Ashby, MA 01431

Event Cost: $85

Please pre-register by August 30th. An email about the meal plan, payment, housing, and NPC registration will go out after the initial pre-registration.

Death at Oathbound

Our Deaths are… special is perhaps not the right word. But our Deaths are marked. Perhaps because of who we are, they Reapers have favored us. Or perhaps our Reapers have favored themselves.

Vanessa Skelletskol, Bonespeaker

All across Aerune, the souls of the Dead are pulled to the Gates of Death. In Aerune, afterall, a death is not always a final one: sometimes it is merely a stage in life’s journey, and the Dead find themselves pulled to a magical threshold. There, they meet a Reaper who determines their fate through a manner that only those who have gone through the Gates know. Those lucky few who come back through the Gates of Death often speak of decks of cards and the cold, unfeeling gaze of the Reaper. Who knows what those who do not return to the living see?

Haldanghast is no different, but somewhat unique. Those who die in Haldanghast are not immediately pulled to the Gates of Death. Instead, they feel something light within them: a lantern or beacon that seemingly holds them in place. People tethered in such a way become “Fireflies.” Soon enough, a Reaper visits the townships of the recently dead. Through a ritual of card reading, the Reaper, more often than not, allows the Firefly to return to the world of the living. Generally, though not always, Fireflies will have no choice in whether or not they speak to a Reaper. Death, usually, comes for all.

It is said the Reapers of Haldanghast are… different. Unlike the neutral servants of Nielus, they seem to have personalities, preferences, and, seemingly unfathomably, relationships with the living. People wonder the secrets of their practice and the magic of their Gloaming wrought cards.

Out of Game Description

In Oathbound, when a character dies and cannot be returned from death with an in-game skill, they do not always die permanently. Instead, they gain the Permanent Trait “Firefly.” This trait feels like they are tethered to the world of the living by a powerful light. However, if the character does not seek a Reaper, they will lose their connection to the world. While players may have the Firefly for more than one event, more than a few events will wither a character’s connection to the living.

Reapers will come to Haldanghast at least once an event. When they enter the player space, they will set a colored lantern outside a building. This lantern attracts the Fireflies: most times, the Reaper will pull all Fireflies to the lantern through a call, “By My Voice, Inflict by Reaping.” The Fireflies will then immediately turn to spirit and find the Reaper. At this point, characters with skills to mitigate death (such as “Song for Death”) may follow the Fireflies. The Fireflies may then speak one-on-one with the Reaper and resolidify their connection to the living.

Those who speak with the Reaper often leave with a task. This task is determined by a tarot reading from an Oracle that the Reaper controls. This deck is called the Oathbound Oracle and the Oracle reading is called “The Reaping.” It is said that, within the readings, there is a singular combination that may cause terrible injury and even permanent Death to a person.

Many in Haldanghast have studied tomes of Gloaming magic and have made copies of the Oathbound Oracle. Because of their connection to Death, those of Haldanghast frequently practice with such decks.

And a special announcement! Order a copy of the deck here!

Instead of doing a kickstarter or other fundraiser, we will be selling oracle decks. These oracle decks have art by Zoe Eddy and are specific to the Oathbound universe. They give you no plot advantage: they are just a substantial piece of in-universe art. The deck itself will be available at Madrigal and will be part of the universe. This gives you your own copy!

The deck includes 20 cards and 10 spreads. It will also have a guide to using the cards. For those who have not seen our decks, these decks will be standard tarot size printed on glossy card paper. They cost $40 a deck preorder and $50 if you buy at the tavern night.

For delivery at the tavern night, please order by August 5th 2019. In order to secure your deck, you need to PayPal $40 to by August 5th.

As mentioned, a limited amount will be available for purchase at the tavern night. These may not be reserved ahead of time.

Examples of unfinished art below. You’ll see the finished art in the deck in game or in your deck!

Coming into Oathbound as a Madrigal 3 Player: A Primer

While we expect that most of our players will come into Oathbound with a Haldanghast origin, we also welcome players with a Madrigal 3 origin! (If you are brand new to Madrigal, we suggest an Oathbound origin.) Here are some nuts and bolts.

How did I get here?

Your first event will be your characters first time ever in Haldanghast. Your character will not have had any experience in Haldanghast. Beyond that, there are a few different ways to get into Haldanghast.

Through Kyrzenwold

Your character heard that the Meister Lyriker was launching a diplomatic to the hitherto unvisited northern continent. You talked with either the Meister Lyriker, Luther Wysen, or Meister Vogel Kaspar to join the diplomatic mission as a researcher, guard, scout, or ambassador. Even if you have talked with none of these characters in game, you can imagine a meeting was made for you and/or your PC allies. Any player can do this.

Through Belaingarde

Belaingarde is the only ocean going force with the technologies to reach Haldanghast. They are selling tickets and recruiting scouts to travel with the Kyrzenwold groups. You either are a part of the Belaingarde navy and volunteered to go, or are going as an independent tourist. Any player can do this.

Through Dream?

You went to sleep one night and, quite horribly, found yourself in a strange and unwelcoming swampland. You start game unsure of your fate. Any player can do this.

Will I need to take an Oath?

Indeed! Find out the rest in game!

What do I know about Haldanghast?

It’s up to you, but, at most, Haldanghast is something you’ve researched. You may choose to know the full extent of the rulebook, as visiting researchers have sent reports. However, you should assume that you don’t really believe it’s entirely true. Most people have a vague understanding of Haldanghast: it’s a dangerous swampland with a huge undead presence and magical oaths. It’s also steeped in Chimera and Gloaming magic.

Will I encounter my religion/culture in Haldanghast?

You are more than welcome to play your culture or religion, but shouldn’t expect to encounter any plot there. There will instead be plot for “foreigners” where the Meister Lyriker will be your main contact and ally. In general, this is a different game with different themes. You should feel free to explore the topics important to your PC (nature, undead, nightmare, dueling etc.), but be prepared to encounter new plots and people. You are more than welcome to bring your experience at Madrigal to interesting roleplay scenarios at Haldanghast.

Do I get to use Background CP?

Absolutely. You will be able to join any faction and/or religion you want to. If you are Human, you may take the human skills. However: you must learn to do this in game. You should come to your first event with a fully statted BCP skillset, which will be activated during the course of the first event. Please don’t stress out about this.

Please make sure to submit an updated character history based on the form provided on this website. Afterall, people like Kurt, Ceryn, and Nez have changed a lot since their first events.

And don’t forget to sign up for the tavern night!

Please email any other questions to!

Welcome to Ragrabbit!

I don’t know why people like it here, but they do.

Cid, The Frisky Snapper

Ragrabbit is the central town in which Haldanghast takes place. Below is a description of Ragrabbit, as well as the central people. Following that is a description of how your character has come to Ragrabbit.


Ragrabbit is located in the Southeast of Haldanghast. It is situated just off the Dry Road, the winding road that runs between Devil Maw and Knochenvale. For various reasons, Ragrabbit is a strategic location on Haldanghast: two days south of Knochenvale and two days North of Devil Maw, it is the halfway point for many traveling from the port to Knochenvale. Travelers from southern Aerune, as well as those who frequent the Mireways, can use it as a convenient stopping point.

In addition to its location, Ragrabbit is also something of a political oddity. About 100 years ago, Ragrabbit was a hamlet within the Bloodwet Mire under the control of the Witchqueen. However, an accord between the Oathkeepers, the Witchqueen, and the United Ossuary resulted in the development of Ragrabbit as a neutral territory: the Witchqueen assented that the location was too strategic to belong to the Mire holds. It is now a territory, controlled by the United Ossuary, open to all people within Haldanghast.

Ragrabbit is a minor hub of mercantile, military, religious, and cultural travel, despite its small size. It is more frequently, however, used as a military encampment: many Geistwalkers, for instance, have spent at least a few weeks in Ragrabbit. The nature of the town, they say, is always changing, reflective of the ever-shifting population. Recently, the town has been somewhat empty– or perhaps “emptied” is the better term. Many of those who had long lived in Ragrabbit have travelled north to Knochenvale or elsewhere in Haldanghast. No one is exactly sure why, though rumors of construction in Ragrabbit abound.

Finally, after Devil Maw, Ragrabbit is the second stopping point for most people entering Haldanghast. As it has a robust Oathkeeper presence and a sizeable Goldkey Gate, it is often the place where travelers make their first oaths.

Key People of Ragrabbit

Permanent Residents:
Chancellor Marisol Silverstern: Chancellor Marisol Silverstern is the formal Oathkeeper representative to the Mireway Outposts, including Ragrabbit. Relatively new to her position, Chancellor Silverstern is talented, but clearly nervous about her newfound responsibilities. Well-liked in Knochenvale, many wonder why High Chancellor Spinneschreict elected to send Chancellor Silverstern to Ragrabbit. Chancellor Silverstern is one of twenty Chancellors.

Cid: “Just Cid” is a battle-hardened man who’s taken up the life of a tavern keep. A combat veteran of both the Geistwalk and the Navy, Cid has more or less seen it all. These days, he tends The Frisky Snapper, the central tavern and inn in Ragrabbit. The Frisky Snapper, usually just called “The Snapper” by locals, is named for a rather famous albino snapping turtle, Big Pink. Big Pink, a legend in Ragrabbit, was known to be so large and so ambitiously amorous that he seasonally attempted to mate with alligators and other sizable aquatic reptiles. Big Pink, whose shell is said to be in Cid’s personal collection, died peacefully in his sleep at the respectable age of 55 years old.

Frequent Visitors:
Captain Vale Windglass: Captain Windglass will tell you he’s an ordinary man– he was born to poverty, and spent his early life shipbuilding. What Captain Windglass will fail to tell you is that he routinely has lead the charge against invading Blackwater Holds forces. Attempting to fulfill a decent retirement, Captain Windglass serves as a mentor to young sailors, as well as Deathwalk Church devotees. He hates being called a war hero, though 30 years ago he single-handedly battled Lichlady Erla Stain-Jaw, and lost only an arm and an eye. Small miracles, he says.

Geistwalker Captain Brandon Greywater: Captain Greywater is a simple, straightforward, and earnest man– he’s also strong with a bow, and fast on his feet. While Geistwalker Greywater is a genuine and honest person, he is also quick-witted and talented. As a Captain of the Geistwalk, he takes his job seriously, and knows that there is precious little time for frivolity.

Geistwalker Captain Erik Hideborn: Captain Hideborn is a quiet, focused, and, when called to do so, brutal warrior. Respected for his martial prowess, Captain Hideborn is one of the most renowned members of the Geistwalk. He is also a dedicated member of the Deathwalk Church, and a known Bonespeaker.

Brigheksewache Captain Wynne Clearmarche: Captain Clearmarche is perhaps Brandon Greywater’s opposite: fun-loving, raucous, and quick-to-anger, Captain Clearmarche is nothing if not dynamic. Captain Clearmarche’s temper is both loved and feared by all members of the Geistwalk– while a reveler at heart, she doesn’t tolerate incompetence. Lover of all genders, Captain Clearmarche has cut something of a swath through the red light district of Knochenvale’s Western Quarter.

The One-Penny Sisters: Natya and Jenny are two rather infamous Mireway Korred sisters. Known for the talent in fortune-telling, as well their cunning in business, the One-Penny Sisters have made a name for themselves as charlatan entertainers who run any number of enterprises. From the Grotblod Knot, they are, despite their penchant for lying, also talented Legacy mages with connections to powerful divination.

Myrna Goldschloss: Myrna is, by and large, considered to be a charismatic, attractive, intelligent and hardworking young woman. Unfortunately, the young Mireway Elf’s reputation is marred by her questionable profession: she is dedicated, heart and soul, to the popularization of Mireway hogs. Jenny One-Penny has noted that “hogs” is a bit of a misnomer, and the aggressive, belligerent animals are better thought of as “mini-boar.” Nevertheless, Myrna tries desperately to encourage the Mireway hogs as “suitable companion and racing animals.” In Ragrabbit, at least, there is a modest racing circuit and gambling hall.

Father Lars Blochbel: The headpriest of the Deathwalk Church of Luttengesper, Father Lars is one of the most compassionate and dutiful priests in all of Haldanghast. He refuses high titles and commendations, and, instead, dedicates himself to the care of those afflicted with Bloodrot and Miremuck.

Bonespeaker Vanessa Skelletskald: A talented Bonespeaker of the Charnel Order, Bonespeaker Skelletskald is also from one of the oldest families in Haldanghast. She takes her job, as a well-known representative of the Ossuary, seriously; she routinely states that she has little patience for the “enigmatic mystique” that many Mireway Bonespeakers have about their practice. A Priestess of the Charnel Order, she prefers to work among the people, and spreads her knowledge of Gloaming magic with reserved enthusiasm.

Agathe Kurbiskold: The Kurbiskold family hasn’t been relevant for decades, but that hasn’t stopped the alchemist and Chimera mage Agathe from making her presence indelible. A breeder of Chimerical animals, Agathe frequently travels the continent, looking for news species to hybridize. She personally attends to the care plans of the animals at the Slachterhas Zoo, and, due to her family name, is more or less tolerated.

Meister Lyriker Elisabeth Benedikt: A visiting dignitary from Kyrzenwold of Southern Aerune, Meister Lyriker Benedikt is visiting Knochenvale to consult the United Ossuary on their use of Chimera and Light magic. Within Kyrzenwold, Elisabeth is the head of Ashveil Library, and is respected as one of the foremost scholars in Kyrzenwold. She has come into considerable acclaim given her leadership during the Rain of Ash that devastated parts of Kyrzenwold. A polite, charismatic woman of significant talent, the Meister Lyriker is not exactly trusted by most Knochenvalers– she’s a little too politically savvy to be merely a traveling scholar. This is doubly true as she is often accompanied by a retinue of skilled warriors– her personal assistant, bodyguard, and rumored consort, Vogel Luther Wysen, doesn’t help matters. The Vogel is said to be not only charming, but deadly in his precision with poisoned blades.

Lady Annelise Brigmeier: A mage within the Edelsdam Conservatory, Annelise is particularly gifted in Primal and Chimera magic. Beyond her magical acumen, however, Annelise is something of a political snake. Her father, Lars Brigmeier, is one of the wealthy Merchant Lords, and a notoriously successful purveyor of fine wines and somewhat more illicit goods. Annelise seems determined to be even more successful than her father, mostly through succeeding him as a business woman and rampant politicker. It is rumored she uses a strange, advanced sort of Chimera magic, allegedly popular among the rogues in southern Aerune.

Oathkeeper Owen Ardmen: The Oathkeeper representative to Vyrglas, Oathkeeper Ardmen is also one of the busiest. The dizzying contracts of exporters and importers, made manifest as financial Oaths, keep him disastrously occupied. He frequently worries that, despite his arduous note-keeping, his inevitable errors will send the citystate towards disaster. The Merchant Lords, of course, look on both nervously and gleefully.

Sister Hush: Sister Hush, a Redtide Elf, is one of the more visible elves on the sea. A quiet, unassuming young woman, she helps run the Brightwater Hospital, a Deathwalk Church ship that provides care to all on Brightwater. It is well known that Sister Hush has served as a combat medic in battles against the Blackwater Holds, and many claim they can see the horrors of the war in her eyes. Despite her service, she remains modest– this is likely due to the stigma her kind face throughout Haldanghast.

Geistwalk Captain Lainie Loveright: One of the few Geistwalker Captains on the sea, Lainie is also the Captain of the Loveright. A charming Slipskin, Captain Loveright serves as the contact for most Geistwalkers traveling to and from Devil’s Maw. She is universally known for her skill in elementalism, and is usually eager to teach it to visiting Geistwalkers. She is said to be a ruthless gambler, however, and a probable cheat.

Coming into Game

Every single player character has received a letter requesting their presence in Ragrabbit. These letters come from a variety of sources. For those who work for any of the factions, such as the Geistwalk or the Oathkeepers, the letter came as a direct order from a superior or commanding officer. For those who are connected to religious groups, the letter came as a request. For whatever reason, perhaps because they had no choice, your character has decided to travel to Ragrabbit.

For those who do not have any sort of higher ranking connection in their character background: you received a government stamped letter from Samuel Kurbiskold, United Ossuary Clerk. The letter requested your presence at Ragrabbit to discuss “matters of mounting political import relevant to your skillset.”

The following leaders wrote the letters. You will receive a formal in-game letter once we have started accepting and processing character histories.

Faction Leaders and Contacts

The Oathkeepers, High Chancellor Gavin Spinneschreicht

The Geistwalk and Brigheksewache, The Witchqueen

The Ossuarians, Bonespeaker Vanessa Skelletskald

The United Ossuary, Clerk Samuel Kurbiskold

The Haldanghast Navy, Admiral Petra Hearthsail

Anyone from Vyrglas not otherwise affiliated, Meister of Commerce Clarence Bendbram

Any Mireway Korred not otherwise affiliated, Babette Greengal

Religion Contacts

Deathwalk Church, Father Lars Blochbel or a priest from your character history

Bonespeakers, The Whalesinger (Merhausen), Bonespeaker Vanessa Skelletskald (Knochenvale), The Witchqueen (Bloodwet Mire), or a Bonespeaker from your character history

Cult of Light or Shadow, Seer Amaris

Devil Worship, The Oathsworn

Anyone not otherwise affiliated, Clerk Samuel Kurbiskold

Madrigal 3 Players

If you are coming in as a Madrigal 3 player from Southern Aerune, please email so that we can hammer out character history details.