Good Luck, Friends

We’ll have a few more things drifting out next week, but this is our final piece of content for the event.

A few things: the fundraiser was tremendously successful, and we are overwhelmed by every one of you. From those who were cheering us on from discord to those who gave what they could: thank you. You’ve reminded us why we do this.

To be very honest: the larp season is looking grim in terms of events. We’re staying cautiously neutral. That being said: you’ve given us so much support, and we intend to keep providing our community with things to get them through these dark and lonely nights. We’re going to spend some time thinking how we could digitize aspects of the larp and make content available. While not ideal, it’s an experimental challenge we’re interested in exploring.

Please keep using the discord! We monitor it and are so heartened to see the explosion of collaborative play. If you need the discord app info, please email

We’re around. Our stories are still here. We’ll find a way to keep telling them.

In the meantime, the following missive finds you. Imagine you are on your own, possibly musing on your campfire in the middle of the Mireway.

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