An Announcement

Dear Friends of Ragrabbit,

The situation continues. I had hoped it would not, but it does. I would say there is little we can do, given the precarity of the situation and the sea of unknowns in front of us.

However, in consultation with the Witchqueen, the Oathkeepers, the Navy, and the Deathwalk Church, we have decided that having you operate in small groups may help us strike against the forces of the Undead Lords.

We are looking for multiple teams to pursue the 5 following areas:

  • A Strike against Saint Scarlet on the Brightwater Sea
  • A Strike against the Whisper Army in the Mireway
  • A Potentially Deadly Stealth Mission into the Blackwater Holds
  • A Patrol around the Edges of Knochenvale
  • Reclamation of Supplies for the Brightwater Hospital

After those teams have contacted us, we will send them mission briefings. They will, when they have finished their missions, write reports back to us. When we all come together once more, we will share the details of our various efforts.

Rest well, dear Oathbound. Our dawn is but a darkness away.


Sister Hush

The Brightwater Hospital


Hello everyone,

Very little replaces larp and the face-to-face community you can build through larp. We have heard, however, that some of you are getting a lot of joy out of online tabletop games with friends. For the past few months, we’ve been toying around with a potential way to translate Oathbound into short term tabletop settings. We want to make it available to you. Here’s our plan:

  • We will release smallscale modules, based roughly on Pathfinder 3.5 but translatable to your system of choice.
  • We suggest (remote!) play with at least 4 people. However, less are fine if you only want to play with members of your household. (Larger helps our efforts.) You will need someone to serve as GM and/or tradeoff amongst the group. This is for Oathbound players, though obviously if there is a person in your DnD group/household, they may be welcomed.
  • You will need to contact with your name and your group name, as well as the mission you selected, by May 5.
  • We will email you and your group your game play packet some time in May.
  • Your play is canonical as long as you write us a quick report! We’ll work to incorporate it into the next event.
  • Think of these as small-scale mods, not large endeavors. You’ll learn things and make some progress, but this isn’t necessarily world changing.

We hope this stems some of the pangs.

Finally, this is very provisional, BUT we did schedule an Oathbound event with Ye Olde Commons for July 24-26 2020. I find it unlikely we will be able to do large events, if any events, by then, but please (very lightly) pencil it in. We will be following the recommendations of the CDC and WHO.



Good Luck, Friends

We’ll have a few more things drifting out next week, but this is our final piece of content for the event.

A few things: the fundraiser was tremendously successful, and we are overwhelmed by every one of you. From those who were cheering us on from discord to those who gave what they could: thank you. You’ve reminded us why we do this.

To be very honest: the larp season is looking grim in terms of events. We’re staying cautiously neutral. That being said: you’ve given us so much support, and we intend to keep providing our community with things to get them through these dark and lonely nights. We’re going to spend some time thinking how we could digitize aspects of the larp and make content available. While not ideal, it’s an experimental challenge we’re interested in exploring.

Please keep using the discord! We monitor it and are so heartened to see the explosion of collaborative play. If you need the discord app info, please email

We’re around. Our stories are still here. We’ll find a way to keep telling them.

In the meantime, the following missive finds you. Imagine you are on your own, possibly musing on your campfire in the middle of the Mireway.

Also available here:

A Letter of Some Consequence

Project Scatter & Sunder Mission Statement

Overall Coordinator:

Lawrence Corporal Clockwise, 

Oathkeeper liaison to Her sovereign majesty, The Witchqueen 

Primary Objective: Utilize the skills, power, and abilities of the group herein referred to as “Ragrabbits” to harry, hinder, and oppose St. Scarlet’s recent sporadic siege.

Secondary Objective: Separate Red Tide Elf groups or individuals and attempt to sunder her control, as able to decrease St. Scarlets forces.

This project, as the name suggests will be two parts. 

The first objective being, scatter small elite forces capable of disrupting the random attacks that continue to occur at the hands of St. Scarlet. While the majority of the Oathkeepers and Naval forces have been stationed with larger villages and towns; these groups composed of Geistwalk, Brigheksewache and volunteers (these groups will be almost entirely composed of those from Ragrabbit) will be spread throughout Haldenghast to allow for more expedient reactions to attacks. 

The secondary objective*  is to decrease the forces at St. Scarlet’s command. Red Tide Elves not within immediate contact of St. Scarlett are to be lured further afield to low populated areas where it is hoped they may be made free of the control exerted over them. The Navy has provided a ship to use as “sea isolation” vessel. They will be run by a Ragrabbit skeleton crew and methods both arcane and mundane have been added to act as deterrents so that the crew may hopefully survive alongside the isolated Red Tides. 

The Ragrabbits will be divided into 5 operational groups:

Operation Checkerboard: North East Quadrant

Operation Drifter: North West Quadrant

Operation Wyrd Run: South West Quadrant

Operation Raven’s Helm: South East Quadrant

Operation Red Wave: Naval Vessel


Knots : Undisclosed arcanical assistance : Travel aid

Navy: Vessel for isolation, Naval support

Merhausen: “Never you mind, we’ll getchya what ya need” – “Supplies”

Edelsdam Conservatory: Communications

* This objective is unlikely to make an impact, but was a negotiated term of the Ragrabbits

One-Penny for Your Thoughts

Hello to all our intrepid Ragrabbits.

We know you are going through a lot right now so we wanted to do our part. You know without actually getting our hands dirty. So to that end we offer you; One-Penny for your thoughts!* A possibly rare opportunity to learn from our wealth of knowledge, wisdom and divination skills to give you the best possible advice for your troubled hearts and minds. 

So, in this time of possibly too much time to dwell on those pesky ever present woes and worries, send us your problems and we’ll give you our award winning advice**

Please submit your inquiries to this messenger:

*Note, despite what the catchy name might imply, we will not actually be paying you a copper to give you our advice, though as usual if you would like to pay us, we are always game.

** There were a lot of drunk people, the “award” was mostly getting out of there without smelling like stale ale. 

All our second best wishes!

Natya and Jenny One-Penny